I recorded “There is a Sound” in the Cape during the summer of 2009.  What a summer it was!  I would go work on a wooden boat, surf, then come home and record for hours.  This is some of what I came up with.
When I compose instrumental/ ambient music I write under the name Welkinn, a name based off the ancient Norse word for sky or vault of heaven.  I chose this name not only because it seemed appropriate because of my name, but because I find that music is another way of reaching divinity.
I love to write music for videos!  Here is a beautiful animation made by Molly White that I wrote the music for (visit for more info).  

Farmer THeme
Last Summer I filmed a bunch of local farmers in Cape Cod and made short films.  This is the music I wrote for the film project
This year I started performing alongside my sister Eleanor in a duo called “Honey Hollow.”  So far we have been performing all over Rhode Island, but are looking to perform out of state.  If you would like to hear us come on down to the Wharf Pub!  We perform there every other Sunday and would love to have you listen to our songs.  

Honey Hollow